Name Standort    
Altolaguirre Zancajo Frankfurt/Main High-resolution palynological analysis of the Early Pleistocene regional environment before, during and after the first expansion of early Homo into Southern Spain.  
Hölzchen, Ericson Frankfurt/Main “Concept “Out of Africa” by means of Agent-based Modeling (ABM)”  
Fuentes, Riczar Belcena Tübingen Island Adaptation and Maritime Interaction in Changing Environment from the Terminal Pleistocene to the Early Holocene: A Comparative Study of Prehistoric Technology in Northeastern Indonesia and the Philippines  
Krüger, Susanne Frankfurt/Main Meganthropus palaeojavanicus” and potential precursors of Homo in Pleistocene Java  
Quénéhervé, Geraldine Tübingen    
Schmid, Viola C. Tübingen Bifacial Technology and the technical lithic system of the lower deposits in Sibudu Cave (KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa)  
Stolarczyk, Regine Frankfurt/Main Systematic analyses of innovative behaviours during the Palaeolithic. A case study of the Middle Stone Age in southern Africa.  
Tran, Quy T. K. Frankfurt/Main Defining the transition from hunting and gathering to agriculture and animal management in southern and central Vietnam: Evidence from faunal remains