Meetings, Sessions und Workshops die von ROCEEH Mitarbeitern besucht werden


Ecosystem isolation and connection: rise and demise of biota in the Pontocaspian region Interim colloquium of RCMNS and EU PRIDE final conference in Tiflis, Georgien, 27.-29. August 2018

  • Session 3: Neogene and Quaternary Terrestrial Ecosystems in the Southern Caucasus
    (Jordi Agusti & Angela A. Bruch)

10th European Palaeobotany and Palynology Conference EPPC in Dublin, Ireland, 12.-17. August 2018

  • Session 25: Cenozoic plant diversity gradients in time and space and their impact on early humans (ROCEEH/NECLIME)
    (Angela A. Bruch, Alexandra-Jane Henrot, Louis François, Natalia Rudaya & Torsten Utescher), (deadline für Abstracts ist der 31.01.2018)

CAA in Tübingen (19.-23. März 2018)

ROCEEH ist Mitveranstalter der internationalen Konferenz Computer Applications and Quantitative Methods in Archaeology (CAA) 2018.

Folgende Sessions und Workshops werden vom ROCEEH-Team organisiert:

  • Session 10: Expanding horizons: confronting issues of scale, resolution, and representation in the study of human expansions
    (Benjamin Davies & Nicholas Conard)
  • Session 17: Early human land use strategies during Middle and Late Pleistocene glacial and interglacial times in Europe
    (Angela A. Bruch & Michael Bolus)
  • Session 27: Map management and Webgis applications for archaeological data base solutions (pdf)
    (Espen Uleberg, Mieko.Matsumoto, Michael Märker, Christian Sommer & Volker Hochschild)
  • Session 36: Advantages and Limitations of Spatial Applications in Archaeology
    (Geraldine Queneherve, Michael Maerker & Felix Bachofer)
  • Workshop 9: The ROAD database as data management and search tool
    (Zara Kanaeva & Andrew W. Kandel)
  • Workshop 6: Remote sensing with open source tools for geoarcheological survey
    (Felix Bachofer & Christian Sommer)


Die 18. NECLIME (Neogene Climate Evolution in Eurasia) Konferenz hat vom 18.-24. September in Eriwan, am Botanisches Institut der Nationalen Akademie der Wissenschaften, stattgefunden. Die Forschungstelle hat die Tagung sowie die anschließene Exkursion mitorganisiert.

Im Rahmen der NECLIME-Konferenz organisierte ROCEEH (im Rahmen des PlantBITES-Projekts) einen dreitägigen Workshop, in dem junge Wissenschaftler aus Georgien und Armenien zu quantitativen Techniken der in NECLIME entwickelten Paläoumweltrekonstruktionen einbezogen wurden.

Abstract (english)
Report (english)


ROCEEH is Co-organizing a workshop of the of the INQUA IFG “Modelling Environmental Dynamics and Hominin Dispersals Around the Mid-Pleistocene Revolution (METHOD)”
Università degli studi di Sassari, Dipartimento di Medicina Veterinaria, Italy, 13-15.09.2016

Training Lab 2015-I C. Hertler: Data availability, management and storage – Working with databases    


DCH 2015 Berlin, October 28-30
ROCEEH is co-organizer of the Digital Humanities Conference.

Session 4: Sebastian Vogel, Michael Märker, Florian Seiler
                  The SALVE Research Project: Sarno River plain – Ancient Life in the
                  Vesuvian Environment

Session 5: Volker Hochschild, Michael Märker
                  ROAD - A Plattform for Interdisciplinary Research on Early Humans

Session 8: Michael Märker, Geraldine Quénéhervé, Felix Bachofer
                  Landscape Reconstruction and Archaeological Site Prediction in the
                  Lake Manyara Area, Northern Tanzania


CAA in Siena (30.03.-03.04.2015)

ROCEEH is organizing two sessions:

5G  How to reveal geographic relations in Databases on cultural heritage
      (Michael Märker, Espen Uleberg, Volker Hochschild, Mieko Matsumoto)

5L  Modelling large-scale human dispersals: data, pattern and process
      (Michael Märker, Christine Hertler, Iza Romanowska)



UISPP in Burgos - Spanien, 01.-07.09.2014.

A2d    Contextualizing Schöningen (Miriam Haidle)
A2f.    Pleistocene human dispersals: climate, ecology&social behavior (Angela Bruch)
A21a: Neanderthals on their own terms: new perspectives for the study 
          of Middle Paleolithic behaviour. (Michael Bolus & Michael Märker)
A21b "Technological change and behavioral variability in the MSA" (Regine Stolarczyk)
A21c  Movements in and Out for Africa: Assemblage variability and population
         dynamics in Northeast Africa and Southwest Asia during the MSA and Middle
         Paleolithic (Knut Bretzke & Nicholas Conard)
B13   Mathematical approaches for the study of human-fauna interactions  
         in the Pleistocene (Christine Hertler, Rebekka Volmer & Ercison Hölzchen)
B37   Lithic, Evolution, Science (Miriam Haidle)
B53  The archaeology of early fire use (Miriam Haidle)


CAA in Paris, France (22th - 25th April 2014)

with Session S24/ Friday 25.04.
Modelling approaches to study Early humans in space and time
Convener: Michael Märker, Christine Hertler and Yasuhisha Kondo 

and Session S13/ Friday 25.04.
Databases on cultural heritage and their geographic visualization
Convener: Michael Märker, Espen Uleberg, Volker Hochschild


EGU General Assembly in Wien, Östereich (27.04. - 02.05.2014)
mit Session SSP4.2 "Always look on the bright side… - Environmental constrains of early human expansions" by Finn Viehberg, Angela Bruch, Minoru Yoneda


9th European Palaeobotany and Palynology Conference in Padova, Italien (26. - 31. August 2013)

mit Session "Cenozoic vegetation quantification with models and proxy data (a NECLIME and ROCEEH contribution)" von L. François, A. A. Bruch, T. Utescher



EGU General Assembly in Wien, Österreich (07. - 12. April 2013)

mit Session SSP4.1 " Should I stay or should I go - the role of climate in early expansions of humans" von Finn Viehberg, Angela Bruch, Minoru Yoneda


14th Congress of Regional Committee on Mediterranean Neogene Stratigraphy RCMNS in Istanbul, Türkei (08. - 12. September 2013)


ROCEEH / VW workshop " The role of the Southern Caucasus on early human evolution and expansion -  refuge, hub, or source area?" in Tiflis, Georgien by  Angela Bruch, David Lordkipanidze (15. - 20. Oktober 2013)


International Organisation of Palaeobotany Conference (IOPC), Tokio, Japan (23. - 30. August 2012)

Meeting European Society for the study of Human Evolution (ESHE), Bordeaux, Frankreich (21. - 22. September 2012)

Interim Colloquium Regional Committee on Mediterranean Neogene Stratigraphy (RCMNS), Bukarest, Rumänien (27. - 30. September 2012)

Conference Neogene Climate Evolution in Eurasia (NECLIME), Sofia, Bulgarien (1. - 4. Oktober 2012)