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ROAD Brochure - Applications 2-2018

In this second ROAD brochure, we focus on the practical applications that ROAD offers its users. ROAD provides a synopsis of prehistoric sites and cultures, opening up the deep past of humankind to further exploration. ROAD allows its users to compare, combine, analyze and visualize information about achaeological and paleoanthropological sites. We hope that ROAD will help scientists and the general public to better understand the wide spectrum of our cultural heritage.

Newsletter 14-2018


  • The beginning of ochre use during the Stone Age of Africa (A. Kandel & R. Dapschauskas)
  • Multiple facets of cumulative culture (M. Haidle)
  • Conference Report
    "KULT-UR-MENSCH" (M. Haidle, M. Bolus & C. Hertler)
  • Conference Report
    46th Computer Applications and Quantitative Methods in Archaeology
    "Human History and Digital Future" (C. Sommer & V. Hochschild)
  • Conference Report
    "Images, gestures, voices, lives. What can we learn from Paleolithic art?" (M. Haidle & M. Porr)

Newsletter 13-2017


  • Swabian Ice Age caves declared as World Heritage sites (M.N. Haidle)
  • The archaeology of irrationality: Interrogating Paleolithic art and modern human origins (M. Porr)
  • ROCEEH expedition to the Narmada Valley, Central India (C. Hertler)
  • Conference report
    "Keep calm and boldly go - Which factors in the environment drive early human expansions and have an impact on their settlements?" (C. Hertler, E. Hölzchen, S. haupt, Z. Kanaeva)
  • Conference report
    Sixth Biennial Conference of the Eastern African Association for Paleoanthropology and Paleontology (EAAPP) (C. Hertler)


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