Graduate Network

The ROCEEH Graduate Network (RGN) unites current PhD students and 
alumni from Frankfurt and Tübingen as well as affiliated candidates and post-graduates from other projects and institutions.  At the moment the network is representing five disciplines: Archaeology, Anthropology,  Paleobiology, Bioinformatics and Geography. The RGN offers research opportunities, topics and sometimes even positions. At our regular meetings we discuss our latest work and obtain inspiration for new ideas and joint projects. Additionally, we organize events like our own session at the ROCEEH conference Expansions 2015.

As part of the ROCEEH project we benefit in many ways. We have researchers with different backgrounds as contact persons, providing us with an opportunity for interdisciplinary exchange. We also participate in different conferences, workshops and field projects. We benefit from the ROCEEH concept by receiving comments on our own work by an interdisciplinary group of supervisors. They connect us with potential co-operation partners, broaden our individual horizons and enrich our creative work.