Dr. Rebekka Volmer


Diliman Archaeological Studies Program
University of the Philippines
Lakandula Street corner E.Jacinto Street
Diliman Quezon City 1101

email: rebekka.volmer[at]gmx.de

Dr. Rebekka Volmer

Rebekka Volmer was a PhD-student in ROCEEH since July 2008 and finished her dissertation about „Competition and resource sharing of large carnivores in the Pleistocene of Java” in May 2013. She developed a new method to quantify competition relations in fossil carnivore guilds.
The method revealed that tigers (Panthera tigris) are the dominant guild members in all studied faunas in the Pleistocene of Java, while in the extant Indian guild this position is occupied by the Asiatic wild dog (Cuon alpinus).
Homo erectus as an omnivorous meat-eater played different roles in the guilds of Pleistocene Java, but never outbalanced tigers in their dominant position.

Some of her results are published in the ROCEEH Newsletter 8/2013: