name research unit thesis  
Altolaguirre Zancajo Frankfurt/Main High-resolution palynological analysis of the Early Pleistocene regional environment before, during and after the first expansion of early Homo into Southern Spain.  
Hölzchen, Ericson Frankfurt/Main “Concept “Out of Africa” by means of Agent-based Modeling (ABM)”  
Krüger, Susanne Frankfurt/Main Meganthropus palaeojavanicus” and potential precursors of Homo in Pleistocene Java  
Schmid, Viola C. Tübingen Bifacial Technology and the technical lithic system of the lower deposits in Sibudu Cave (KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa)  
Stolarczyk, Regine Frankfurt/Main Systematic analyses of innovative behaviours during the Palaeolithic. A case study of the Middle Stone Age in southern Africa.  
Tran, Quy T. K. Frankfurt/Main Defining the transition from hunting and gathering to agriculture and animal management in southern and central Vietnam: Evidence from faunal remains