ROCEEH Out of Africa Database

The ROCEEH project incorporates a large array of variables
from the fields of geology, geomorphology, paleontology,
paleobotany, paleoanthropology and archaeology, assimilating
these data in vector, raster and text formats. To assess the
role of culture in early expansion of humans, ROCEEH
developed and implemented a geo-relational spatial information
system which we named the “ROCEEH Out of
Africa Database” (ROAD). The complex structure of ROAD
resulted from in-depth discussions among staff members and
with outside experts about objects, contents and relationships
of the various disciplines that were then incorporated into
the database in a holistic way. The different themes tackled
by ROCEEH are translated into objects, object keys, relationships
among objects, and descriptive attributes.

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ROAD Brochure 2-2018

ROAD Brochure 1-2015